In society, there are often negative connotations associated with having a wart, which is one of the main reasons why people are so anxious to have them removed. However, they can also be extremely painful, especially if they grow or spread in areas such as the bottoms of the feet. Warts happen to be one of the most prevalent concerns amongst individuals of all ages, gender and demographics. They may present on the bottoms of the feet (plantar warts), genitals (genital warts), hands, fingers and face. There are many different shapes, sizes and types of warts. It is important to see a specialized medical Dermatologist for wart related concerns since they can often spread easily to other areas of the body or may grow in number.

Warts on the bottom of the feet (plantar warts) and genital warts are both considered medical in nature and are covered by OHIP. Warts that present in other areas of the body are considered cosmetic and therefore have fees associated with their removal.

Depending on the severity of the warts, trying to eliminate them at home, or even homeopathically can be an uphill or losing battle. They typically spread very easily and can actually become out of control, if not handled by a medical specialist.  Whether you choose to have a wart removed is your decision, however; our Dermatologists can arm you with the information about your warts that will empower you to make the appropriate decision for you.