With tattoo culture being such a mainstream and prevalent element of today’s society; we have seen a dramatic increase in people seeking the removal of unwanted tattoos. Whether it’s a spelling error, or an individual tattoo that didn’t meet your expectations, it is reassuring to know that something as permanent as a tattoo doesn’t have to be so permanent. Along with full tattoo removal, it is common to fade an unwanted tattoo, which aids in the tattoo artists ability to produce beautiful cover-up art. Body tattoos are an expression of creativity and an expression of art. However, there are cases where certain professional settings no longer lend themselves well to visible body art.

Removal of tattoo art is achieved using laser therapy. Multiple treatments are required to completely eliminate the visible ink in the skin. Factors such as age of the tattoo, how it was performed and colours all play a role in determining how many treatments are required. Prior to treatment, the area is numbed using a local freezing. After the laser treatment a topical medication is applied along with a non-stick dressing. Patients also go home with a prescription topical and directions for after care.

Deciding to get rid of body art for professional reasons can be just as emotional and feeling stuck with a tattoo you don’t like. As experts in tattoo removal and specialists in the medical industry, we can provide all the information, along with the support and guidance you need to feel informed and confident in the decision you’re making.