Rosacea is a very common skin condition that may be present in a variety of forms. It is a chronic skin condition that can have life-disrupting and long-lasting effects since keeping the redness and/or pimples covered as well as avoiding common triggers becomes a normal part of the sufferers’ lifestyle. Typically affecting the facial skin, including the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead, it is often characterized as facial redness or flushing and may be exacerbated by things like alcohol or spicy foods.

More advanced forms of rosacea or rosacea that has been left untreated can include bumps and pimples, skin thickening (typically around the nose, called “bulbous nose rhinophyma”) and even eye irritation (called “ocular rosacea.”)

Rosacea is most commonly improved using laser therapy, which is an excellent, gentle and very effective approach. This is often combined with physician-only skincare, which aids in the long-term maintenance and elimination of rosacea and redness symptoms. Some milder cases may benefit from skincare alone to reduce their symptoms and overall redness.

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