Skin tone and textural concerns are experienced by most individuals starting around the age of 13 and extending far into your adult life. These types of concerns may involve active acne, acne scarring, brown spots and freckles; or most commonly rough and dull skin. Depending on the type of lifestyle you lead, having laser treatment to address these concerns may not be a practical treatment option. For example, some people are concerned about time away from work, a fear of discomfort or possible budgetary constraints. For this reason, and many additional benefits, Rejuvenative Peels remain an effective and valuable option.

Although a monthly spa facial is gentle, relaxing, rejuvenating and contributes to your skin health, they do not typically produce significant changes to your overall skin tone and texture. Fortunately, Rejuvenative Peels do offer visible improvement to brown spots, freckles, active acne and even some forms of acne scarring; while simultaneously offering a gentle approach. Rejuvenative peels come in a variety of strengths, solutions and formulations and it is important to be treated by specialized medical professionals who understand the anatomy of your skin.  While the media has coined the term chemical peels; we feel the word “chemical” communicates that the method of treatment, along with the ingredients being used are harsh and abrasive, which contradicts our goals for anti-aging medicine.

With the Dermatologist’s supervision, the medical nursing staff will evaluate your skin type and sensitivity, along with an in-depth personal discussion about your preferences, goals and expectations. During a Rejuvenative Peel procedure, a chosen solution will be applied to your skin in layers using a soft applicator brush. Your skin may feel warm, so a gentle fan is used to cool the skin. Depending on the strength of the solution, a patient’s post-treatment experience can range from no peeling, to more significant flaking of the skin for a few days following. This is to be expected and can be minimized by your specialists’ soothing after-care recommendations.

When it comes to your skin, going straight to the skin experts is the most effective way to bypass a trial-and-error approach and allows you to achieve quick and exciting results. Nothing is more satisfying than helping the patient who has tried it all, before finding relief and skin improvement in our specialized care.