Having a rash will undoubtedly have a negative impact on your overall quality of life. It can be painful, and the appearance itself can be quite troubling. Experiencing the discomfort of a rash affects all ages and demographics. It is common for babies and toddlers to present with painful diaper rashes or a form of contact dermatitis from environmental allergens. Adolescents and adults also commonly experience uncomfortable rashes that result from any number of factors. Our dedicated Dermatology team specialize in identifying the potential origin, along with any environmental triggers that could have caused the rash. This is important to ensuring that you can eliminate a future outbreak. Our Dermatologists will diagnosis your concerns; along with a recommendation of an effective treatment option.

Our specialized medical team know exactly how distressing it is to wait for a specialist appointment while experiencing an urgent concern such as a rash. We seek to meet with you as soon as possible to start a treatment program that will eliminate your symptoms. We truly understand the urgent nature of a rash and encourage you to reach out to us: