Psoriasis is a frustrating skin condition, which can be physically and psychologically debilitating if they persist, or become out of control. There is nothing more satisfying than talking to a man who is finally able to take their shirt off at the beach for the first time. Or a bride who feels confident in showing her arms on her wedding day. All of these scenarios are real people we see on a daily basis who we are able to help by offering solutions for their skin.

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that equally affects people of any age or gender. The rash itself usually appears as raised red patches or flaky “plaques.” The affected skin can be red, scaly or may have pustules depending on the type of psoriasis. It most commonly affects knees and elbows, but can also be found on the arms, legs, trunk, nails, scalp or any other part of the skin. It is important to know that it is not contagious and is not an infection; but can become infected due to the open areas that may be present. Psoriasis can be inherited, and some people carry genes that make them more likely for it to develop.

To know if you have this condition, you would be seen by our Dermatology specialists. Although there is no known cure for psoriasis, there are treatments to manage it which include prescription medications, light therapy, oral medications and biological medications. There are also over-the-counter physician-only skincare solutions that can help to treat the areas.

Our specialists will act as your trusted advisors, experts and therapists to find ways to manage your psoriasis limit your outbreaks and minimize your symptoms on a long-term basis.