In society, having long, full lashes is commonly associated with beauty, youth and femininity. So it’s no wonder that mascara, over-the-counter serums, false lashes and temporary lashes have become such a prominent extension of the beauty market. As an alternative to temporary solutions, Latisse® is a physician dispensed at-home treatment to grow lashes longer, darker and thicker. The results are actually quite astounding, and results can be achieved by nearly everyone.

Latisse® is a topical solution that is applied to a small, stiff bristle wand. One drop is placed on the wand and brushed across the upper lash line every night before bed. It will take a full 3 months to get to your maximum lash length, and fullness; but you can start to see results after about 1-month. After you reach the maximum length, you can decrease the frequency of application to maintain your result.

Using Latisse® allows you to grow your own lashes without having to be concerned about lash extensions falling off, making time-consuming lash appointments, or having a reaction or lack of result from drugstore solutions. After booking a quick appointment to get you started, you are monitored and have access to medical specialists during your course of treatment and can achieve beautiful results with your own lashes.