Perspiring or sweating is a normal way of regulating our body temperature. However, when the amount of sweating is out-of-proportion to the temperature of your surroundings or activity level, you may have excessive sweating or what is termed “hyperhidrosis.”

Both men and women are equally affected by sweat-related issues. What is different for each individual are the area(s) affected and the scenarios in which excessive sweating occurs. Some individuals only experience hyperhidrosis during stressful situations such as public speaking engagements or meeting someone for the first time. There are others who consistently perspire through their clothing, regardless of the type of situation. Some of the most common areas are the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and underarms. The need to address this problem occurs when the situation surrounding the perspiration is embarrassing or distressing. For example, it can be very troubling when you shake someone’s hand with sweaty palms, perspire through dress shirts, or you experience odour as a result of the sweating.

Botox® Therapeutic is compounded differently than its cosmetic counterpart in order to provide relief to those affected by excessive sweating. The treatment is performed by expertly-trained medical specialists who will use a tiny needle to put 10-15 injections in the affected area. In a Clinical Study, one treatment was shown to last up to 201 days, or 6.7 months. As opposed to extra-strength topical or prescription based antiperspirants which often require a lot of effort on the part of the patient; and have also been shown to have unwanted side effects, Botox® Therapeutic is a safe and long-lasting treatment. Most extended drug benefits will offer partial reimbursement for this type of procedure.

Only those who deal with excessive sweating know the embarrassment and frustration of it constantly being on their mind. Botox® Therapeutic hyperhidrosis treatment is an effective solution that is performed by professional, experienced and trust-worthy medical professionals in a comfortable and confidential environment.