Starting in adolescence, many people become strongly motivated to not only protect the health of their skin; but also improve its appearance. Concerns related to both skin tone and texture are very common and can include pigmented acne spots, enlarged pores, brown spots, wrinkles, bumps, and dull or rough skin. One of the best options is starting an effective, potent and active skincare regimen. While not everyone is comfortable with a 5-step program, most people will commit to a routine of cleanser, moisturizer with sunscreen and one active product to address a prominent concern, or a combination of aging concerns. Once you become comfortable with a program where you’re starting to see exciting results, one of the best additions to the program is a dermal roller or what is called “micro-needling.”

A dermal roller is an at-home medical device that aids in collagen production and regeneration of the skin. When used in conjunction with active and physician-recommended skin care products, you amplify your results by aiding in active ingredient absorption. As a result, your skin will become more vibrant, bright and healthy looking.

A dermal roller is a wand-style device with a cylindrical roller on the end. Using it is very simple and safe and involves applying manual pressure with the wand, along the contours of your skin. The roller has extremely minute 0.2mm needles on it, which penetrate the superficial layers of the skin when applied over its surface. The wand is vacuum sealed in a sterile package to avoid contamination. After washing your skin, you apply even and gentle pressure in short rolling movements a few times a week. It is not painful and has been described as feeling like a “cat’s tongue.” After treatment you can expect to be a little pink.

Results will continue to build over time as an increase in collagen production occurs. Results to be expected can include a reduction of pore size, excess oil production, along with wrinkles and fine lines. The skin will also appear much healthier in terms of its radiance and an overall glowing appearance.