Acne scarring can be present either in conjunction with acne active breakouts, or can persist after the acne itself has been treated. There are a variety of different types of acne scarring ranging from pigmented (brown or red spots,) ice-pick or deep-pitted scarring, and hill and valley scarring. Pigmented type acne scarring can takes years to fade on its own and may never completely go away. Acne scarring affects individuals of all ages, skin types and demographics. The appearance of acne scarring can be just as, if not more troubling that the acne itself.

In order to treat acne scarring, the medical specialists will evaluate the specific type of scarring that is present on your skin. But they also strive to get to know you as an individual, with unique goals and preferences. Some people have a special event like a reunion, graduation or party that they would like to look their best for. Others may work odd hours that make it difficult to know your schedule in advance. These types of timelines along with understanding your lifestyle and personality will help our specialists to develop a solution that you can maintain and be pleased with. 

The most common option for most types of acne scarring is laser treatment. Laser treatment can address the uneven texture of the skin, resulting in a more even and uniform skin surface. It can also focus on fading and eventually eliminating the discolouration, brown or red spots that are present on the skin. However, topical physician-only solutions may be used alone or in conjunction with laser treatment. They are most commonly used to fade the discolouration on the surface of the skin. Skin textural improvements, pore minimization and blackhead and active acne treatment can also often be achieved.

We understand how your skin may hold you back from putting your best face forward. We realize that it’s important to feel strong and confident, and the way your skin looks often plays an integral role. Being able to offer personalized solutions to help you to achieve the healthiest skin imaginable is a very rewarding experience.