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    In the field of Dermatology where we pride ourselves on being able to help people to achieve clear skin, abolish a painful rash or get rid of unwanted hair, we’re literally always tackling the topic of beauty ideals, body confidence and feel-good rituals. What I have really come to learn after more than 10 years in the industry is that literally everyone’s idea of achieving personal confidence is so different, and isn’t that the most beautiful thing of all? Every day we make decisions about what makes us feel good and pushes us towards being our better selves. Fortunately, a lot of the media messaging has changed in recent years where unattainable beauty ideals have been diluted by positive messaging that focus on healthy living, healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle. A question you can ask yourself when you’re immersed in an activity or thought-pattern is, “Is this a confidence builder or dimisher?” Everyday we get to make decisions pertaining to what we feel could enrich our lives. Maybe its waking up 10 minutes early to make a smoothie instead of grabbing a muffin from your local coffee joint. Or maybe its taking a mental health day to spend with your children. Or maybe its grabbing a great lip colour from the pharmacy because it makes you feel fabulous.

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    Just this weekend I was feeling a little frustrated about my expanding waist line. I must admit this is a by-product of growing a little human in there, but whenever your body changes fast and furiously, it sometimes takes your brain a second to catch up! So I decided enough complaining about not having anything to wear, I was going to make the investment in some feel-good clothes! I’ve always been a very confident person and in pregnancy its been no different, but it doesn’t make you feel any less frustrated when you can’t find anything to wear to your daughter’s birthday party other what feels like a mumu! So off I went to Lululemon (every pregnant ladies saving grace) to find the perfect pair of black tights that I knew would go with everything (dresses, long tops, comfy sweaters!) But little did I know that my life was literally going to change the moment I tried on their NEW “NAKED-feel” stretchy pants. I feel like I should preface this but saying I am not that big of a shopper, so an intense love for pants was a bit of a stretch (pun intended.) I told the lovely lady helping me that my life was forever changed. I was comfortable, looked cute and best of all, I felt great! Ok so life changing, may be a slight exaggeration, but the fact of the matter is, my favourite part of the whole experience was spending the afternoon with my daughter getting hot chocolate, picking out a bouquet of blooms and making funny faces in the change-room mirrors at Lululemon. And isn’t that just the moral of the story? Find the things that fill up your heart and contribute to you being a more fulfilled, confident and happy person! I try to find ways that make me feel amazing every day. And thankfully for me, and my pocketbook, not all of them cost money, in fact lots of them don’t!


    Now working in Dermatology means I meet people every day who are looking to improve something about their skin. I find for women in particular, I think we sometimes feel a level of added guilt for doing things for ourselves. Sometimes women come into the clinic for what would be considered “cosmetic” or “uninsured” services, and I can see or even hear the record playing of guilty messaging. But I think the take home is, if a scar stops you from wearing sleeveless tops, or redness on the cheeks stops you from taking risks at work, or acne makes you feel the need to wear makeup to bed so you don’t wake up feeling vulnerable; I would say these are reason enough. The fact of the matter is, making decisions that increase your own confidence, according to your own rules is very empowering. And I encourage everyone to find ways to do it everyday!

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