Botox ® The Key to Happiness

  • Botox ® The Key to Happiness

    Botox ® The Key to Happiness

    It’s true magic this Botox stuff. Who knew it could have such an incredible effect on me and the people around me. When I started reading about how Botox® can positively influence your feelings, I wondered, was this the key to happiness all along?

    Smile Botox wrinkles relaxed


    Let’s start at the beginning shall we. Botox for cosmetic use began when a physician couple started looking into the desirable “side effect” of medical Botox used in ophthalmology which was the reduction in wrinkles. This set the stage, and now Botox® Cosmetic has become the biggest cosmetic treatment in the world and it’s only getting more popular.


    Botox to help you “look” better became; Botox to treat your migraines and Botox to help with depression. Now studies show that the inability to “look angry” actually has a positive correlation to feelings such as happiness and joy and lowered feelings such as anxiousness. Similarly, according to Scientific American, which looked at a study from the Journal of Pain, people who frown during an unpleasant procedure report feeling more pain than those who do not. So clearly it has been shown that our facial expressions are able to influence our emotions.


    If that’s not incredible enough, the positivity is spreading like wild fire since similar affects are seen for those who socialize with Botox users. If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is!


    So back to my earlier point, not having that “frown” (whether it is a knee jerk reaction that my face does without my knowledge or whether I’m just having a rough day) certainly makes me happier when I look in the mirror and so in turn makes those around me feel happier that they are choosing to surround themselves with a more relaxed and positive person. They say that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most!

    Relaxed Botox user


    Let’s face it, everyone likes to look their very best. The end result is that looking great tends to help us feel great too.


    We all know that we pick up on the energy around us. If you are surrounded by happier people everyday, you in turn will become a happier person.


    Now whether you want to start early for preventative treatment or if you have the permanent frown from years of scowling, Botox® is an excellent option and we are here to provide education and information.


    When people say I look so fresh and rested – I say, “That’s my Botox®!!”


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